Taipei Trip Part 1 + Apology to my readers

Sorry about the lack of posting, but when your website is constantly being attacked by virus, it is not fun at all! Ever since I’ve moved out from Worpress hosting I have experienced several virus attacked incidents and causing me to be blacklisted by Google. It was heart breaking because it also affected my subscribers, regular viewers and food bloggers friends which I would like to apologise to them. After some research and work, I found out that it was my theme that is actually causing the issue, so I’ve searched for a new theme and hoping this will give me a new start. So far so good, no more incident until now.


Last few weeks, I took 2 weeks off to attend my best friend wedding in Hong Kong and spent 5 days in Taipei. It was strictly a girl’s trip and probably is my last girl trip Sad smile (international) after I got married. I had a really great time with Miss E, Taipei is the land of night market and street food. I still look at the food pic every now and then to refresh my memory.

A dedicated food blogger like me must always start with plane food. I flew with Qantas in the afternoon so we had the lunch menu and afternoon snack. I also had the privilege to experience the new airbus A380, it was awesome!


Open chicken pie with mash sweet potato and green beans, cookies and cream mousse, greens with balsamic vinegar and olive oil & Cup noodle as afternoon snack

Once we arrived Hong Kong, we took the connecting flight straight to Taipei, don’t want to waste one more minute, we were offer a light dinner in the flight to Taipei which is a mini vegetarian pizza with fresh fruit and tea.


Taipei Taoyuan international airport


Our hotel – New Stay Inn, clean and reasonably priced, highly recommended

The next day we went to National palace museum, Xinyi Place shopping centre and Wufenpu commercial district which is a shopping haven for the ladies. Before heading to Wufenpu we needed to refresh ourselves with snack from the food court in Xinyi place.


Breakfast – Chinese roti with egg, basil leaves and homemade chilli sauce


Lunch – Gravy beef handmade noodle soup and greens


Snack – T.K.K Fried chicken wings and rose tea


Wufenpu shopping haven

We end the night at Raohe Street Night Market, my favourite night market because it has full of foods! A lot of funky foods that I’ve never heard of tried. First stop is the famous pepper pastry, it is easy to spot and right next to the entrance. One of my favourite food in the whole trip.


Famous pepper pastry with pork filling


Crème brulee in egg shell & BBQ corn


From top left clockwise – BBQ suckling pig, black sugar tea, fresh fruit, chicken thigh fillet skewer


Deep fried milk

We lined up for this deep fried milk because all the travel blog was raving about it, the oil looks really clean and it is deep fried to order. It was piping oil and doesn’t really taste like milk, rather it taste like melted cheese with a hint of sweetness.

We were all exhausted and was carrying too many shopping bags, we took a taxi home then took a rest. Not long later we were starving and walk over to another night market which is just few street away from our hotel for our 2nd dinner.


Ning Xia Road Night Market


Oyster pancake, pork liver soup, pork meat ball with poach egg, Taiwanese minced pork rice


Chatime brand new opening, Burwood

Buy 1 Get 1 free until Nov 2nd


perfect location right in front of Burwood plaza



Love the opening special Buy 1 get 1 Free hehe…


look at the queue…*faint*

If you are a big sucker of bubble milk tea, I mean a high quality milk tea that uses real brew tea rather than artificial powder then I think you should come check out the new grand opening Chatime in Burwood. Chatime is a well known Taiwanese franchise with more than 300 outlets across the globe. Not only you have an option in choosing toppings but also flavour and level of sweetness.

Today I have experienced the long queue for their brand new opening promotion – Buy 1 get 1 free. How can you resist? Despite I was lining up for 20 mins and they forgot to give me the toppings that I wanted. I still think it was worth the wait.

I’ve tried most of their top 10 sellers, I highly recommend Matcha red bean milk tea, Roasted milk tea, Jasmine green milk tea & TieGuanyin tea Latte. They all have a very unique and real tea flavour.


Jasmine Green Milk Tea with Grass jelly, L $4.70


Tie Guanyin Tea Latte with Grass jelly, L $4.70

Toppings $0.50: Peal, Grass Jelly, Coconut Jelly, Red Bean, Coffee Jelly, Aloe Vera, Lychee Jelly, Rainbow Jelly, Grape Jelly, Egg Pudding, Agar, Taro Jelly, Fig Jelly. If you are ordering a milk or tea flavour drinks I recommend you to choose pearl, grass jelly or beans as toppings, if you are choosing a fruit or juice then you can try matching with other jelly.

If you miss the chance of going to the Burwood store, here is some exciting news for you. Chatime is spreading into Sydney like crazy, there will be new stores opening in World Square (in front of Coles) in early November and Chatswood Westfield in mid November. Stay tune and expect to line up for their Buy 1 get 1 Free special!!!


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come again b&w


Shop 2A, Murray Arcade, 127 Burwood Road, Burwood  
opening hrs: Mon – Sun: 9:00 to 18:00 

Getting There:

Parking: Burwood plaza free 3 hrs parking
By Train: Burwood Station 
By Bus:


Map picture


Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert House, Haymarket Chinatown


Food: 6/10
Atmosphere: 5/10
Service: 5/10
Value: 5/10

Average Price
Entrée: N/A
Main: N/A
Dessert: $5.5 – $10
Degustation: N/A
Corkage: N/A
Cakeage: N/A

Ease of finding a car park: Extremely Hard
Ease of finding the restaurant: Easy
Brightness of restaurant: Bright
Noise Level: Noisy
Waiting time for foods: 15 mins – 20 mins
Booking time require: walk in
Child friendly/High Chair: No



Meet fresh originated from Mr and Ms Fu who were born and raised in a traditional farming family from Central Taiwan. They wanted to share that handmade, freshly prepared wholesome taste with everyone and so Meet fresh was born. Their mission is to be persistent as to how they make their desserts, it must be handmade with the freshest and natural ingredients with no added preservatives.


Meet Fresh Signature, $5.50


Taro Ball Dessert 5 – spotted beans, coconut jelly & peals, $5.50


Taro Ball Dessert 2 – sweet potato, coix seeds & peals, $5.50

Where Daniang Dumpling used to be at the corner of Dixon and Goulburn is now the home of Meet fresh. Traditional Taiwanese desserts can be difficult to sell to the non-Taiwanese. Firstly, we are not grown up with eating this type of dessert, they don’t come in a form of oven, so can’t really rely on warmness or crumbly texture to draw attentions. Also, they are not presented in a colourful way like cupcakes or ice-cream. Thirdly, we questioned ourselves as to what is really inside the bowl? Main ingredients are black grass jelly, slippery like taro rice balls, yellow mushy sweet potatoes, little pearls that reminds me of Easyway. Unfortunately I am not a big fan of all the above but after some research, good things about this popular chain store is opportunity for you to make your own combination of dessert and the freshness of the ingredients. My researched told me that if the rice balls are not fresh it will taste like rock or have a rubbery texture. The ratio of sweet red bean soup and peals was also proportionate.

Conclusion: Overall, I think this newly dessert house provide a new dessert place for catch up or late nights. The queues are crazily long and very hard to view the menu without being squashed. If you are grown up with this type of dessert you will love it. Otherwise it is an acquired taste and may not suit everybody.


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Aged Please Come Again 



13 Goulburn Street (corner of Dixon Street next to Mamak), Sydney  
opening hrs: Mon – Sun: 11:00 to late

Getting There:

Parking: Kent St  
By Train: Town Hall Station  
By Bus:

sweetsweet bus map

Map picture

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