Cafe Jolly, Leichhardt

Rather than trying my favourite Italian restaurant Portofino, we decided to give Café Jolly’s a go which is just few shops next to it. Everytime when I walk pass, it is always packed full of people. This place was famous for its fast service and piping hot food, however some feedback I read was that people didn’t like the main to be coming halfway through the entrée, make sure you let the waiter know if you prefer to have you meals one course after the next.



Food: 6/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Average Price
Entrée: $3.5 – $12.50
Main: $15.50 – $24.50
Dessert: N/A
Degustation: N/A
Corkage: BYO wine only, fully licensed
Cakeage: $1
Ease of finding a car park: Hard
Ease of finding the restaurant: Easy
Brightness of restaurant: Bright
Noise Level: Normal
Waiting time for foods: 10 mins – 15 mins
Booking time require: 1-2 Days
Child friendly/High Chair: Yes



Garlic Bread, $3.50

The bread was simple by amazing, crunchy crust on the outside and a soft chewy inside.


Garden Salad, $8


Salt & Pepper Calamari, $12.50

Calamari for me was a disappointment, it was rubbery and hard to chew. I’d prefer they cut it into smaller pieces.


Veal Bomb – Crumbed veal & chicken fillet pocketed with fresh ricotta & spinach, in a wine cream pepper sauce with wedges & vegetables, $24.50

I like this dish very much, the veal still has a slight pink in the middle and the creamy sauce was like match made in heaven, especially if you soak up the broccoli with the sauce.


Penne Pollo – Chicken pieces, pesto, mushroom, white wine, in a tomato sauce with a touch of cream, $15.50

Pasta was al dente with lots of fresh herbs however the chicken was a bit dry.


Spaghetti Marinara – King prawns, calamari, fish fillets, mussels, garlic in white wine and Napolitana sauce, $16.90

The spaghetti marinara was served pretty quickly after the entrée arrived, pasta has more seafood than pasta which I thought was fantastic!

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158 Norton Street, Leichhardt
opening hrs: Mon – Fri: 10:30 to 15:30, 17:00 to 23:00 Sat – Sun: 8:30-0:00

Web: N/A

Getting There:

Parking: Macauley Street/Carlisle Street

Map picture

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San Choy Bow

San Choy Bow is one of my all time favourite dish! Not only it is a diet friendly dish but also it is simple to make and delicious at the same time. The beauty of this dish is all down to the sauce, all you need are 4 things to make a beautiful authentic sauce. JC has cooked up this dish in no time for our dinner tonight. Traditionally this recipe calls for pork mince but you can also substitute with chicken, turkey or beef mince depending on your preference.



1 iceberg lettuce

1 tablespoon olive oil

500g pork mince 

1 zucchini, diced

4 baby corn, diced

1 small yellow capsicum

Big handful of green beans, diced

1-3 button mushrooms, diced


3 tablespoons oyster sauce

2 tablespoons light soy sauce

1.5 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons sesame oil


1 tablespoon of cornflour

3 tablespoons of water


1) Combine sauce ingredients and set aside.

2) Heat oil over medium heat and fry mince until evenly browned, set aside.

3) Add the green beans and baby corn, cook for 3-5 minutes until soften, then add zucchini, capsicum then lastly mushroom and cook for further 2 minutes.

4) Increase heat to high. Add pork. Cook, stirring, for 4 minutes or until cooked. Pour in San Choy Bow Sauce and mix through mince. Simmer for a couple of minutes to let the mince absorb that tasty sauce.

5) Combine cornflour with the water and quickly add to the mince and sauce until it thickens up.

6) Slowly twisting and pulling out lettuce. Remove damaged outer leaves. Discard. Separate leaves and place in a large bowl of icy cold water. Refrigerate until required.

7) Drain lettuce leaves. Pat dry with paper towel. Place lettuce cups on a platter and spoon mince mixture into lettuce cups. Serve hot and enjoy!





fry mince until evenly browned


stir fry all the veges until soften


Pour in San Choy Bow Sauce and mix through mince


Pile high on a plate and spoon into lettuce leaves to serve. Don’t forget to garnish with heaps of coriander!


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