Sergeants Mess, Chowder Bay

Food: 6/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Value: 7/10

Average Price
Entrée: $15 – $25
Main: $30 – $50
Dessert: $13 – 20
Degustation: 2 course $110, 3 course $135
Corkage: N/A
Cakeage: N/A

Ease of finding a car park: Easy
Ease of finding the restaurant: Normal
Brightness of restaurant: Bright
Noise Level: Quiet
Waiting time for foods: 15 mins – 20 mins
Booking time require: 1 week – 5 week
Child friendly/High Chair: No


Ho Ho Ho! It’s this time of the year again – when you see me eating continuously everyday and celebrating the festive day with work colleagues and friends to different restaurants. My company have organised a lovely day out for us in Sergeants Mess in Chowder Bay for this Christmas. The restaurant is located on Chowder Bay road in the middle head Peninsula below Georges Heights, Mosman. It is owned and operated by Manuel Spinola, of the tea room Gunners Barracks and Dunbar House Watsons Bay.




I must say this place is absolutely beautiful and natural because it is surrounded by National Park and waters. Prior to the sit down menu we were offer with canapés and drink. I can’t help but to keep taking pictures of the water view and the harbour.


Sear king fish sashimi with seaweed in vinaigrette dressing

Fresh king fish lightly seared on the outside. The Vinaigrette dressing and seaweeds brought a subtle, clean and flesh flavours that enhanced the sweetness of the fish.


Mini Lamb wellington

Not long after the best canapés of the night was served, super juicy and succulent lamb wellington wrap with buttery pastry. I even request the waiter to bring out more hehe


finally here comes the alcohol


Tuna and sultana crackers

The ordinary cracker suddenly became extraordinary with the hint of sweetness from sultana


Vegetarian menu: Spiced chickpeas crepe, with brocollini and almonds

I got best seat of the day because I sat next to a girl who is vegetarian so I get to take pics of what she was eating as well as sitting opposite of another colleagues who ordered exactly the opposite as I did in an alternate serving menu.


Vegetarian menu: Pan fried Gnocchi with tomato, eggplant and basil

Gnocchi looks very chewy but my colleague said it was lack of seasoning and wasn’t as good as expected.


Vegetarian menu: Strawberry & raspberry tart with raspberry sorbet

This dessert looks like an art with fresh strawberries and a refreshing sorbet to welcome the summer


Prawn Tortellini, grilled octopus, tomato and lemon dressing

This was the highlight of the night I reckon, Tortellini was visually attractive to start with. Pasta skin is cook to perfect with flavours bursting into my mouth after the first bite. Octopus was grill to a smoky finish and pair well with the tangy lemon dressing. I wish this was a main course size rather than an entrée.


Red wine, tomato & Olive braised rabbit, potato gnocchi

Rabbit looks like it was perfectly cook with lots of fresh herbs.


Char grilled scotch fillet, eschalot & green beans, béarnaise sauce

I love scotch fillet. The best out of all parts in a beef, this one was slightly undercooked still having lots of red in the middle. Looking at another table someone’s has an overcooked steak even though we weren’t given a choice of how we want our steak to be. Weird thing is my steak wasn’t cook on the top so I strongly believe it was cook in a whole then slice into piece afterward which wasn’t fitting into my liking.


Pan fried pork fillet, celeriac puree, fennel, apple & sage salad

On the other hand, the pork maybe a better option with a silky smooth puree.


Blueberry financier with vanilla ice cream

Love the shape of the financier, looks like an Egyptian pyramid.


Chocolate mousse cake with frangelico & raspberry

This is not for the faint hearted, chocolate mousse was so rich that my heart almost clotted for a second. But then the raspberry was overly sour so I was like being toss around heaven and hell.


Say cheese!


Have a lovely Christmas and happy new year guys and eat your way through to New year!


Conclusion: Canapés and entrée was impressive but disappointed me a little bit in the main and dessert. Lovely ambience with great water view. Perfect for wedding or group functions.


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Chowder Bay Rd, Chowder Bay
opening hrs: by appointments  

Getting There:

Parking: parking outside of restaurant
By Water taxi: From circular quay to chowder bay wharf   

Map picture

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. eatmarvin
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 13:13:57

    Hi Wendy! Nice food! The mini Lamb Wellingtons look fantastic! I guess the canapes and entrees are fantastic, but the mains and others are a bit behind. I think the place is mostly suited for functions, rather than a restaurant setting.


  2. Sheena
    Dec 25, 2010 @ 23:43:14

    Hey Wendy! The view looks amazing, and I love all the desserts, especially the chocolate mousse. Wishing you a happy new year too 🙂


  3. John
    May 01, 2012 @ 11:13:27

    I have attended recently for Indian wedding, No Indian can eat their cooked food. My best advise it is not suitable for Indian wedding and it is not suitable for over 100 people.
    The Toilet area looks impressive but that is the best you can get, No car parking which is not very good idea to book winter weeding they transport you by bus from car park the bus steps not suitable for elderly people. I will not recommend any one this place.


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