Chef’s Gallery, Sydney CBD

While I was walking toward china town from Wynyard, I noticed the empty shop next to KFC George Street has turned into a dim sim Chinese restaurant. The amount of people lining up there was similar to the iphone 4 line infront of apple store. I decided I must give it a try. Honestly I am not a big fan of dim sim especially the steam one, but to satisfy my readers I have to be one of the first to try it myself. The design and layout of Chef’s Gallery is very similar to Din Tai Fung in world square. Both restaurants themed oriental with a big open kitchen.

Food: 5/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Service: 5/10
Value: 5/10

Average Price
Entrée: $8 – $10
Main: $15 – $20
Dessert: $5 – $9
Degustation: N/A
Corkage: $10 per bottle
Cakeage: Free

Ease of finding a car park: Extremely Hard
Ease of finding the restaurant: Easy
Brightness of restaurant: Bright
Noise Level: Noisy
Waiting time for foods: 15 mins
Booking time require: 1 days – 2 days
Child friendly/High Chair: Yes





My girlfriend and I decided to order 3 courses, one entree, main and dessert. The menu has a variety of savoury dishes and desserts, clear symbols for vegetarian and chef’s recommendation. We opted for all those that have a chef’s hat next to it.


Wok fried medium grain rice with prawn and diced Chinese olive, $13.90

The order were all mixed up, firstly the piggy face sweet bun came as a entrée and I told the waitress “shouldn’t that be arriving last?” so they took the dish back and next was the fried rice. Although I was hoping to have the entrée first which is the pan fried buns but anyhow, I was starving so I dag right into the fried rice. The fried rice was nice, buttery salty and little piece of olive, prawn, shallot enriched with stripes of eggs. The rice they used was a short grain which makes it a little bit different to the ordinary fried rice.


Lightly pan fried buns with pork, $9.90

The Zi Jian Bao was a little bit disappointing, despite the presentation was nice and the skin was silky smooth, the dough was chewy and the pork mince inside was mushy and a little too soft. After eating three of them I feel a little bit sick to eat buns again.


Steamed sesame "piggy face" bun, $5.90



We got attracted by the name of this dessert “piggy face bun” I never expected the bun itself looks like a pig. It was so cute and almost too pretty to bite into! I started with a bite to the pink pig nose, it was so chewy and taste like chewing gum. Inside was nothing special – black sesame paste but it has a weird taste. Not those sweet tastes that I used to eat. Looking around us was a couple that ordered some pumpkin alike desserts. I must say the chef here has a good art and food craving skills but when it comes down to taste, he needs to work harder.

Conclusion: Don’t get trick by the queues outside, it is not an indication of the popularity of the restaurant. The service we experienced was poor, we asked for a change of table because the wind next to the front door was too strong and because my friend and I just recovered from flu we would like to sit in a warmer place. However, we got rejected by the manager and was told that it is too unfair for the next customer. The food portions here is small and pricy, the chef’s recommendation dishes are not up to standard especially the buns. It was way too chewy to be under the chef’s recommendation menu. I don’t think I will come back again.


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Level Ground, Shop 12, 501 George Street, Sydney  
opening hrs: Mon – Sun: 11:00 to 15:00, 17:00 to 22:00 
Web: N/A

Getting There:

Parking: Kent St  
By Train: Town Hall Station  
By Bus:


Map picture

Chefs Gallery on Urbanspoon


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mydatewithfood
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 22:22:36

    Tat’s exactly what my friends told me. They said not as good as expected, in fact it’s quite dissapointing…i guess i wont be visiting anytime soon


  2. Betty @ The Hungry Girl
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 00:31:38

    Shame about your bad experience 😦 I’ve seen this place and the queues and wondered what it’d be like. The piggy face buns are really cute though 🙂


  3. Daphne
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 00:38:28

    I’m going here tonight. I’ve heard it’s alright, but your review says something different. Maybe they’re not consistent with their service. I will try and have a look for myself.


  4. LL
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 04:14:29

    Yes the service was quite terrible when I went and the food was not that great either. Would definitely stick with Din Tai Fung!


  5. B@mm-yumyum
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 09:03:11

    Hello fellow sydney sider!
    I’ve seen photos of those little piggies floating around the internet. Am disappointed about the service and the taste of those piggies though =(


  6. Simon Food Favourites
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 01:23:08

    sounds very much like the Emperor’s New Clothes Sydney Syndrome. Popular because it’s new and gimmicky with the big face buns. sounds like they need to spend more time on service and food and less time making pretty buns for pretty photos. Give me Sea Bay Dumplings any day for value for money 🙂


  7. tastyman
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 07:26:46

    obviously, most Chinese restaurant in Sydney offers unsatisfied dishes cos chefs are not properly trained or even not trained at all, pork buns are supposed to be very tasty while here are just pos. next go to China, any restaurant, big or small, would bring you fried pork buns (called sheng jia bao or sheng jian man tou) if they have totally different from those in China town, for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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