Sean’s kitchen, Star City Casino Pyrmont

Food: 9/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Value: 8/10

Average Price
Entrée: $24 – $26
Main: $30 – $60
Dessert: $15 – $20
Degustation: Pre-theatre menu $50 for 2 courses or $65 for 3 course
Corkage: No BYO, Fully licensed restaurant
Cakeage: Free

Ease of finding a car park: Hard
Ease of finding the restaurant: Hard
Brightness of restaurant: Dark
Noise Level: Noisy
Waiting time for foods: 15 mins
Booking time require: 3 Days – 1 week
Child friendly/High Chair: Yes



Happy 1st anniversary!! JC and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary last weekend. We spent about a month researching and deciding where to go on the special night, there was few options and Sean’s kitchen was on the list. We wanted to make use of the entertainment book and find a place that has good food and ambience. After reading some blogs and talking to JC’s sister who have recently just visited Sean’s Kitchen we have decided to give it a try!




The restaurant was so busy due to the pre-theatre menu they are offering, for those who are visiting the show it is not a huge walk between Lyrics theatre and the restaurant. I also think the price is very reasonable for such a quality food. You have an option of 2 courses for $50 or 3 courses for $65 (or order from A La Carte). Noted, you can still ask for the pre-theatre menu even if you are NOT going to watch the show. But make sure you book early in advance and arrive early because the place can become packed towards the dinner peak hours.



Due to popular demand of a lot of my friends wanting to know my review about this restaurant I jumped the queue and post about Sean’s Kitchen first and (secretly) took a picture of the theatre menu.

2 courses $50

3 courses $65


Cream of smoked ocean trout & fennel soup, oyster fritter

Heirloom tomato salad, marinated feta, olives & basil

Oyster natural with lemon (6)

Smoked salmon, baby capers, gherkins, red onion and crème fraiche

Chicken liver Parfait, toasted brioche


New Zealand king salmon, capsicum, sweet corn & broad bean casserole

Semolina gnocchi, Gorgonzola, celery & walnuts

3 Lamp chops (medium or well done), smoky eggplant, capers & parsley

Wagyu sausages, 5 cuts of Wagyu beef, savoy cabbage, heritage carrots & grain mustard

250 Angus Scotch fillet, potato puree, Portobello mushroom & veal jus


Duck egg crema Catalan

Churros & warm chocolate sauce

Lemon tart & mandarin sorbet

Rhubarb cheesecake, walnut crumbs

Chef’s selection of cheese



Complimentary warm bread

On arrival, we were welcomed warmly and send to our table, deem lighting, red and black theme, romantic and secluded, the waitress offer us with some complimentary warm bread, the bread is soft as sponge and the butter are smooth like silk. We can’t help but to keep asking for more…


Cream of smoked ocean trout & fennel soup, oyster fritter

I seldom order oyster (I don’t eat raw oyster) nor smoked trout, knowing if it is not cook properly it can be very fishy & dry. But I decided to give this entrée a try because it is in a soup form and I love soup. Oysters are deep fried in fritter so can’t be that bad. And it turns out to be brilliant. The soup was poured in front of you but too bad I was in the ladies and missed the moment. But it was still nice and hot. First sip was so fresh and sweet. There were some small ocean trout pieces in the soup. They are seasons and cooked perfectly. The soup itself was little bit salty though but I mopped it up with the warm bread. Oyster was just cooked and batter was light and crisp.



Chicken liver Parfait, toasted brioche

Parfait was really nice and beautifully presented in a glass, it was a rich and silky smooth one. It was so smooth that I believed it has passed through the sieve for at least 3 times. Besides making your own, I think it is really hard now to find a restaurant in Sydney that make nice Chicken liver Parfait. Brioche was so buttery and yummy too. Lucky I did 3 jogging sessions during the week to work off the calories.



I need to show my face so you can see how big the steak was…


250 Angus Scotch fillet, potato puree, Portobello mushroom & veal jus

I was especially excited about ordering the steak as my main and had been eyeing that in the menu for a long time. I have been reading a lot of good feedbacks about the premium cut of meat Sean’s have and can’t wait to try. I requested the steak to be cook medium and it came out exactly like how I wanted, pink in the middle and juicy inside. Little bit fat at the edge but not overly marbled. Potato puree was buttery and smooth. On the side I was given 4 sauces to compliment my steak they are: Tomato, garlic, French mustard & English mustard. Even the sauces are not ordinary like the tomato sauce you can see tomato pulp inside so everything must have been made fresh from the kitchen.


Wagyu sausages, 5 cuts of Wagyu beef, savoy cabbage, heritage carrots & grain mustard

Sausages was full of flavours, sausages are made using coarsely ground prime wagyu beef and delicate blends of herbs and spices. The sausages itself was salty and the dish was lacking veggies, but overall it was good. There was a lot of mustard seed at the bottom which I found it annoying trying to pick those away.



Duck Fat Chips, $9 

I know the name sounds scary but it was “disgustingly good”. The chips are cut by hand from potato as I can still see the potato skins on it. I am already salivating now thinking about it.



Duck egg crema Catalan

Dessert time! I have been waiting the whole night to try their desserts. I ordered the Duck egg crema Catalan which is the Catalan name and version of the Fresh dessert, crème brulee. I give it 10/10 for this dessert because every spoonful was a sinful pleasure and it taste so smooth and rich. The vanilla beans at the bottom bring this dessert to a whole new level. Although I prefer the Crema Catalan to have a sugar crust rather than syrup but it still taste good.


Lemon tart & mandarin sorbet

I love anything that is lemony, especially dessert. Lemon tart, sounds boring and simple but not this one! The lemon tart had a sugar crust on top (which compensate for the curst I was craving for a minute ago with the Crema Catalan) The lemon fillings was so damn smooth that it taste like a custard. Sorbet was refreshing and tangy. I would go back to Sean’s kitchen just for the dessert.


Conclusion: Sean’s kitchen is truly amazing, everything here was perfect except it can get a bit noisy towards 7.30-8pm when all people arrived. Service was like a five stars hotel where waitress keeps coming to check on us making sure we are happy with the meals. Strongly recommend for the theatre menu because it is such a bargain. Do not order the cheesecake or Churros for desserts as I heard too many bad feedbacks about it.


Star city Casino, Level 2 Hotel Tower, 80 Pyrmont Street 
opening hrs: Mon – Sun: 12:00 to 15:00, 18:00 to 22:30 

Getting There:

Parking: Harris St or Pyrmont St or Union St 
By Tram/Monarail: Casino / Harbour side  
By Bus:

cafe morso

Map picture

Sean's Kitchen on Urbanspoon


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mydatewithfood
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 22:01:13

    I wana go! hopefully very very soon
    But I need to make sure I go to the gym 3 times before heading to Sean’s Kitchen =p


  2. Kevin
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 23:49:24

    Based on such a complimentary review of Sean’s Kitchen, its the next restaurant on our list. Thanks Wendy!


  3. Diane Henry
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 06:49:35

    Great review of Sean’s Kitchen. It inspired me so much I made a booking there for next week!


  4. OohLookBel
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 05:46:45

    Thanks for the ordering a great range of dishes – I’ve been wanting to go to Sean’s Kitchen for ages, and now I know what to get. The duck fat chips have always been on the list, though 🙂


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